Seldom has gentleness sounded so energetic 
and vulnerability so strong.

LOTA projects approachable stories under the sign
 of the zeitgeist onto spherical sound surfaces - they 
deal with interpersonal relationships, escapism and 
longing, paired with the attempt to break free from 
social conventions.
Behind the mysterious project name - which is 
deliberately kept gender neutral - is the Cologne 
singer, songwriter and producer Lotta Holtei. Inspired 
by indie-pop influences and electronic LoFi elements, 
mystical sounds meet distinctive beats, contrasted by 
calm piano sounds and soulful lyrics. Her soft and 
haunting voice takes you into a spherical world of sound. 
The English lyrics are bluntly honest and deal with 
topics relevant to society as a whole, such as depression, 
ideals of beauty or feminism, without losing any of 
their lyrical sophistication.
This year LOTA is releasing her debut EP on which she 
wrote, arranged and produced all the songs herself in 
collaboration with Lukas Streich (We Will Kaleid). 

Picture taken by Johanna Besseling